GOAJ2: August update

Here’s how things are going for GOAJ2: Gold Open Access Journals 2011-2016 and The Countries of OAWorld 2011-2016 and related stuff (all linked to from the project home page), through August 31, 2017 [noting that most of the last day of each month is missing because of how statistics are done):

  • The dataset: 176 views, 32 downloads.
  • GOAJ2: 691 PDF ebooks (no paperbacks), plus 190 copies of chapters 1-7 (C&I 17.4)
  • Countries: 289 PDF ebooks (no paperbacks)
  • Subject supplement (C&I 17.5): 650 copies

Oddly enough (or not), along with 88 new PDF downloads of GOAJ2 and 32 new downloads of Countries, August also saw 307 downloads of Gold Open Access Journals 2011-2015 and 204 downloads of the earlier Countries version. Not sure why more people are downloading the earlier and less complete editions, but most of those may not be “people” anyway.

As a comparison for C&I issues: the July 2017 Cites & Insights, another Economics of Access essay, now has 718 downloads to date–and the August 2017 issue, with no serious essays at all (old movie reviews and The Back. snarky little stuff), had 412 downloads in August.


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