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GOAJ: February 2017 update

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

It’s February 28–the last day of the month, when I fetch usage statistics for my websites (as always, omitting about 6 hours of that last day), so here’s an update on GOAJ. (I might have stopped doing these, but the GOAJ download numbers are astonishing, so…):

  • Paperbacks: No change. Two copies of GOAJ itself sold. So far, none of the others.
  • Dataset: 30 more views, 1034 total views; 7 more downloads, 452 total downloads.
  • GOAJ: two additional Lulu,  44 total Lulu copies, 3,039(!) more (total 14,623* copies from my site: total 14,667 (actual total almost certainly over 15,000). I dunno: I find that 3,039 figure astonishing at this point.
  • Subjects: No additional Lulu, 19 total Lulu copies, 39 additional, 332* other copies, 351* total.
  • Countries: No additional Lulu, 8 total Lulu copies, 179 additional, 1,345* total other copies, 1,353 total.
  • C&I: New totals 1,298* copies of the excerpted GOAJ version (16.5) and 4,071* copies of “APCLand and OAWorld” (16.4.)

*Missing downloads from 11/13-11/30/16 and, for C&I, 11/13-12/15/16.

Gray OA

Gray OA 2011-2016 (Cites & Insights 17.1) shows a total of 975 downloads to date, and no apparent recognition anywhere else that the Shen/Bjork “predatory articles” numbers are demonstrated to be so dramatically wrong; the dataset shows 189 views and 43 downloads.


Halfway through: a quick note on GOAJ16

Thursday, February 9th, 2017

As of a few minutes ago I’m just over halfway through the initial data gathering pass for Gold Open Access Journals 2012-2016 (that date range may turn out to be 2011-2016 if I can figure out the formatting: I’m gathering/keeping the 2011 data).

That is: I’ve done 4,740 journals, and there are 4,710 left to do. (I do them 20 at a time–which can take anywhere from half an hour to two hours or more–so the precise halfway point wasn’t a good place to pause.)

A few tidbits on the first 4,740:

  • 784 of them will be checked again no earlier than April, either because there were problems or because they seemed likely to have more 2016 articles/issues posted a bit later in 2017.
  • 685 of those checked so far are new to the list–but only 50 of those actually started publishing in 2016.
  • 4,346 so far are “good”–tagged either A or B.
  • 36 are duplicates, either cases of slight changes in titles or two language versions or…: in each case, if I catch it. only one gets counted.
  • The rest have some problem–malware, unreachable, unusable, etc. All those will be revisited.
  • 2,621 do not charge APCs; 1,919 do have stated APCs.

Nothing profound. Just a 15-minute break before heading back to the process. I may or may not be halfway through in terms of time required: note that “half hour to two hours or more” range. At least I know the first 20 of the second half will be quick (the rest of Libertas Academica, now part of Sage: predictable layout and easy to count by year of publication).