Double digits!

I am delighted to say that The Gold OA Landscape 2011-2014 is now in the double digits, with two Ingram paperback sales and one Amazon paperback sale reported. (I’m guessing that I only see Ingram and Amazon numbers once a month. In terms of progress toward $ goals, three Ingram/Amazon sales equal one 1.3 Lulu sales, but I’m nonetheless delighted to see them.)

The balance still heavily favors print: ten paperback, two PDF site-licensed ebooks. (The ebooks are only available through Lulu because the global marketing channel will only accept ePub ebooks. Don’t ask me.)

Added a bit later: And thanks to, I see that five universities have the book–and that it’s available from Barnes & Noble as well. I think Ingram, B&N and Amazon are the totality of Lulu’s global marketing arrangements…

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