As close as I’ll get to NaNoWriMo

Or, as I like to think of it, the Misspelled Robin Williams Memorial process…

Anyway, you could think of the December 2015 Cites & Insights as my NaNoWriMo with just tiny little deviations. After all, it is novel-length (as defined by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, SFWA, as far as I know the only list of lengths for this sort of thing: if it’s over 40,000 words, it’s a novel), and it’s appearing in November.

The only little tiny deviations from NaNooNaNooNoWriMo:

  • The issue isn’t quite 50,000 words long–it’s 48,012.
  • It’s nonfiction.
  • Although it appears in November, I wrote it in October, and OctNonWriMo doesn’t exist. Yet.
  • A large portion of it isn’t my writing, it’s excerpts from other writing. (How large a portion? To my surprise, apparently less than half–deleting every quoted paragraph that’s not quoting me brings the word count down to 26,851 words.)

But hey, other than those four tiny quibbles…

In any case, it’s as close as I’m ever likely to get to NaNoWriMo.

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