The Gold OA Landscape: quick update

The Gold OA Landscape 2011-2014 came out on September 11, 2015* (35 days ago). The free excerpted version, Cites & Insights 15.9, came out the next day (September 12, 2015).

To date (excluding most of September 30 for the C&I figures):

  • The single-column version of C&I 15.9 has been downloaded at least 1,607 times, while the two-column version has been downloaded at least 202 times. So apparently 1,809 people (or more) find the work worthwhile.
  • Other than my own copy, the paperback edition has sold five copies, the site-licensed PDF ebook has sold one copy.
  • Exactly one copy of the book has sold in the first half of October 2015; the previous sale was on September 24, so one copy of the book has sold in the last 22 days.
  • New contributions to C&I to encourage continued work, since September 11, 2015: $0.
  • New sources of funding: Zero.

It’s early yet, but the nearly complete lack of activity is not encouraging. (The single copy sold in October was purchased from Lulu’s German outpost.) I’m roughly one-sixth of the way toward making the data freely available and one-tenth of the way toward considering continued research.

(There are no copies in Worldcat so far. That’s not surprising. It is gratifying to see that Open Access: What You Need to Know Now shows 1,216 copies in Maybe I should have quit while I was ahead…)

*Technically, the ebook came out on September 10, but didn’t yet have the explicit site license statement.

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