30% sale extended through October 26

Lulu rarely offers a 30% discount. (For some of my books, that means Lulu’s covering the entire cost of production!)

It’s even rarer for Lulu to offer a flash sale of such magnitude and then extend it.

But that’s what they’ve done: coupon code OCTFLASH30 gets 30% off Lulu print books (one order per customer but as many books as you want in that order) through Monday, October 26, 2015.

Instead of deleting yesterday’s one-day post about the sale, I’ve modified it to reflect the longer term (and to thank the person or persons who not only saved $18 by buying The Gold OA Landscape 2011-2014 but saved $13.50 each by buying the 2013 and 2014 paperback annual editions of Cites & Insights, including indexes).

The original post is here; what you specifically need to know is coupon code OCTFLASH30 (capitalization does matter!) and that it’s a great time to buy the new book or the annual volumes. (Yes, all net revenues, including those from C&I volumes, will count toward monetary targets for freeing the 2011-2014 data and continuing my OA research.)

If you want to browse all of my currently available Lulu books (including Your Library Is…, a charming little book that’s fairly cheap in any case), go to my Lulu storefront, which also includes the family history books my wife’s written.

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