The Lords of the Universe Don’t Worry About Carbon Footprints…

…Especially if it’s under the hallowed sanction of the National Geographic Society.

Today’s mail brought another slick brochure (28 pages this time) for National Geographic Expeditions “Around the World by Private Jet.” We’ve received them in the past, along with thick catalogs of overpriced travel offerings from NatGeo (which, I guess, is now deeply in bed with Rupert Murdoch, but I’m not going to get into that here…)

Here’s what it is: 24 days. Looks like 10 or 11 stops. First-rate hotels along the way (no problem there).

Oh, and you’re flying on a Boeing 757 that seats 75 people rather than the usual 233.

So even if the 757 was one of Boeing’s most fuel-efficient planes (I can’t tell offhand; the 233-seat configuration isn’t typical), you can triple the fuel consumption per passenger for these flights. And the plane’s going around the world to visit 10 or 11 places.

Text in the brochure about mitigation for this humongous carbon footprint? None that I could find.

But hey, we’re talking masters of the universe here: the price for this 3.5-week adventure is just under $86,000 for one person or $154,000 for two people.

That does include booze, tips, hotels, etc. It does not include the travel insurance they strongly recommend, which (if I remember correctly) would add around 6%. But hey, if you have to ask, you shouldn’t be despoiling the environment on this trip anyway.

There are a lot of masters of the universe out there, I guess: the brochure is for four different tours between October 2016 and February 2017.

(And now I’ll go recycle the brochure.)

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