The Gold OA Landscape 2011-2014 PDF now explicitly site-licensed

If you’re thinking about acquiring The Gold OA Landscape 2011-2014 in PDF form for your library, you might want to know this:

In addition to adding this statement in the Cites & Insights Book banner (at the bottom of this blog, the Cites & Insights home page and my personal website):

All Cites & Insights PDF ebooks are explicitly site-licensed for mounting on a library’s server and providing to authenticated users. That includes The Gold OA Landscape 2011-2014, A Library Is…, Beyond the Damage and any others.

I’ve revised the PDF version to add the following text on the copyright page:

This PDF ebook is explicitly licensed to be stored on a library’s server and made available to authenticated users of that library without concurrency limits.

Hope this helps; the price hasn’t changed and it’s still the first and only comprehensive (not sampled) study of serious gold open access publishing, that is, journals included in the Directory of Open Access Journals.

More information in the original announcement.


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