TGOL approved for global distribution

I’m delighted to note that The Gold OA Landscape 2011-2014 should be on its way to being available through outlets such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Ingram.

It could still be rejected by those channels, but it’s on its way (which means that I have now–finally–received my own copy, verified that the ISBN on the back cover and copyright page match, and determined that I’m happy with the way it looks).

So if you’re at a library that finds it much easier to purchase through Ingram or somebody that Ingram supplies, or has an account with Amazon, but can’t cope with Lulu…well, in six to eight weeks (maybe sooner) the paperback should be available. (If you can deal with Lulu, I much prefer that, since I get three times as much net revenue for each copy. And I’m not sure whether other agencies produce copies using the same great cream/60lb. paper Lulu uses or not…although I’ll assume they do.)

[Yes, the cover could stand a little tweaking, as my wife informs me–but whether or when that will happen is another thing. After all, several people alreoa14c300ady have or have ordered the current version, slightly low author’s name and all. Incidentally: the gold background is precisely the color of the OA open lock; I downloaded a version of that icon from Wikimedia and used’s color selector to choose that color. That Excel’s orange/gold in the blue/orange graph scheme is very close to that color, is a happy accident. I think.]


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