The Perils of Projection

If someone was tracking my updates on the Fuller DOAJ project, they might be inclined to believe that I’ll be done with the scan in two or three more weeks–after all, I seem to be making impressive progress.

I might even have believed the same thing. But life happens: medical issues, dealing with recalcitrant equipment (non-computer in this case), other priorities…

The week ending June 14, I scanned 340 sites.

The week ending June 21, I scanned 460 sites–and felt like that was a reasonable pace.

The week ending June 28, I scanned 500 sites.

The week ending July 5, during which I hit a long series of very easy journals to check (ISRN…), I scanned 600 sites.

I knew I couldn’t keep that up–but with 2,500 or so left to go at that point, if I could average 500 per week, I’d be done in five weeks (that is, four weeks from now.)

The week ending July 12–last week–I scanned 480 sites. OK; I could still be done in another four or five weeks.

This week? I’ll be happy enough to reach 300 sites and delighted if I reach 400.

Maybe I’ll get back to 400-500 next week. Maybe not.

So: I’m reasonably comfortable in believing that I will have finished the actual scan and begun the analysis and writeup (and trying to find ways to make all this work worthwhile, one way or another) by the time I turn 70: that still gives me eight weeks.

I’m much less inclined to believe that I’ll have finished the writeup by the time I turn 70. Especially if I plan to do an August/September issue of C&I.

So, well, I can’t project how long this will take. Such is life.


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