A few offhand words about The Open Access Landscape

The background post went up on Tuesday, March 3, 2015.

Did I run out of steam before preparing any of the topical posts/chapters?

Not really. I already had a reasonably final draft of the first one ready before I posted the background. Since it was the first one, I wanted to give it a couple of days in which I might refine the model (since chapters will follow a similar model).

That turned out to be wise: I’ve added some information and revised one caption while the post has been scheduled for posting.

You’ll see it tomorrow (Friday, March 6) at around 8:10 a.m. PST.

My current plan is to publish one chapter/post/topic a week, probably on Fridays, until I’m done, I run out of energy, or other things intervene. As of this point, I’ve done the 2014 counts for the next topic and am just starting the chapter itself–in between doing other things.

As for doing “full”-2014 counts for most topics (scare quotes because some journals, mostly annuals and 2/yr publications, take a LONG time to post the online articles): with one huge exception, most topics have 100 to 350 journals to check; at 309, the first topic was among the largest. (Six topics have fewer than 100 journals; those will be easy.) The one huge exception is, well, huge: 1,702 journals. Fortunately, I won’t get to it for another 17 weeks, and I can nibble away at 2014 counts until then.

It’s possible that all of the topic posts will include 2014 counts. It’s probable that all but one of them will.

I hope people will find these worthwhile, and that people will be interested in a combined bookform set late this year…and, to be sure, that people will contribute to C&I and/or help me find a way to make a complete followup study in 2016 plausible to do.

(This offhand commentary is not part of the canon, so won’t be listed at the end of the background when I start adding those links.)

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