The Big Deal: More widely available–and a discount

Two quick notes on The Big Deal and the Damage Done:

  1. Thanks! to the (German?) institution that purchased a site-license/campus-license edition.
  2. For those who want the paperback but don’t want to deal with Lulu, or prefer to deal with Amazon for whatever reason: You can now buy The Big Deal and the Damage Done at It currently sells for $21.54 at Amazon; if you’re a Prime member or otherwise get free shipping, the total cost of the book and shipping may be lower than through Lulu.

The paperback should become available through other sources as well, but so far it doesn’t show up at B&N. (Yes, the “publisher” in this case really is, since I accepted the free Lulu ISBN to get it into distribution channels–that ISBN makes Lulu the publisher of record.)

Also (which I just noticed while preparing this, and which will be in a separate post in a few minutes), this and all of my books at Lulu are eligible for a 20% off discount (one order per account, any number of items in that order), good from now through Friday, November 15: Use the coupon code CORNUCOPIA at checkout.


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