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Friday, November 1st, 2013

I was notified this morning that somebody donated $5 for Cites & Insights via PayPal.

I responded with a thank you.

It was a sincere thank you.

Consider: If everybody who reads C&I donated $5 for each issue they read, I’d have more revenue than I used to have when it was sponsored.

If everybody who reads it donated $5 for each issue they found worthwhile, I’d presumably have some significant fraction of that.

Even a few people donating means that some people find it sufficiently worthwhile to pay something.

So: Thanks. I really do appreciate the $5.

Cites & Insights 13:12 (December 2013) available

Friday, November 1st, 2013

Cites & Insights 13:12 (December 2013) is now available for download at

The issue is 34 pages long.

The single-column 6″ x 9″ “online version,” optimized for faster download and online or tablet reading, is also available–

The issue contains one essay:

Words: The Ebook Marketplace, Part 2  pp. 1-34

More on the last few years in the ebook marketplace, this time focusing on ebook pricing, ebook and ereader sales, software, the past and future, (intentional) humor, rights–not so much DRM as ebook readers’ rights, and a few miscellaneous pieces.

If you’re waiting for “ebooks and pbooks” (note and, not versus)…that’s coming in January 2014.

This completes Volume 13.

The indices will only be available as part of the print version of Volume 13, which will be announced when it’s ready, probably some time within the next couple of weeks.