The smallest, the largest and in between: Library sayings

Just for fun, here are six library sayings–the two from the two smallest libraries (in terms of legal service area), two largest and two most in-between (that is, at the midpoint) that had sayings that I recorded*:

The smallest

A Good Place To Have Fun

Hepler City Library, Hepler, KS 66746 [population 153]

Treasure the Past. Embrace the Future. Read and Grow.

Dora Public Library, Myrtle Point, OR 97458 [population 164]

The Largest

Linking YOU to the World

Houston Public Library, Houston, TX 77002 [population 2,257,926]

Enrich your life

Queens Borough Public Library, Jamaica, NY 11432 [population 2,229,379]

The Most In-Between

“Bringing the World to You”

Allen Parish Libraries, Oberlin, LA 70655 [population 25,568] (also used by at least one other library)

inform, inspire, enrich…

Cranberry Public Library, Cranberry Township, PA 16066 [population 25,611]

For many more (1,342 in all, including a few repetitions)…

Buy Your Library Is…: A Collection of Public Library Sayings (arranged alphabetically by state and city):

* No, these aren’t the smallest and largest public libraries in the U.S.; they’re the smallest and largest with sayings that met my criteria for inclusion.

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