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The smallest, the largest and in between: Library sayings

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Just for fun, here are six library sayings–the two from the two smallest libraries (in terms of legal service area), two largest and two most in-between (that is, at the midpoint) that had sayings that I recorded*:

The smallest

A Good Place To Have Fun

Hepler City Library, Hepler, KS 66746 [population 153]

Treasure the Past. Embrace the Future. Read and Grow.

Dora Public Library, Myrtle Point, OR 97458 [population 164]

The Largest

Linking YOU to the World

Houston Public Library, Houston, TX 77002 [population 2,257,926]

Enrich your life

Queens Borough Public Library, Jamaica, NY 11432 [population 2,229,379]

The Most In-Between

“Bringing the World to You”

Allen Parish Libraries, Oberlin, LA 70655 [population 25,568] (also used by at least one other library)

inform, inspire, enrich…

Cranberry Public Library, Cranberry Township, PA 16066 [population 25,611]

For many more (1,342 in all, including a few repetitions)…

Buy Your Library Is…: A Collection of Public Library Sayings (arranged alphabetically by state and city):

* No, these aren’t the smallest and largest public libraries in the U.S.; they’re the smallest and largest with sayings that met my criteria for inclusion.