Self-publishing reality check 1

I know this all takes time (that is: especially for libraries to purchase books), and I won’t do this very often, but since the fate of $4 to $1: Public Library Benefits and Budgets volume 2 depends largely on sales of volume 1 and of Your Library Is…, I thought it might make sense to note total sales to date once in a while (no more than once a week or unless there’s a huge surge, I promise).

Therefore: Total copies sold to date (not including the copy I purchased)…

As of August 29, 2013: Two copies of $4 to $1, one of Your Library Is…  — all in print.

As of September 3, 2013 at 2:15 PDT: See August 29.

[As for The Compleat… and The inCompleat…: None as of September 3 at 2:15 PDT.]



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