$4 to $1: Public Library Benefits and Budgets–Now available

$4 to $1: Public Library Benefits and Budgets (volume 1: Libraries by Size) is now published and available for purchase in one of three ways:

  • The paperback book is 213 6″ x9″ pages (viii+205). Regular price is $24.95; it’s currently discounted (on Lulu only) to $19.96. There’s even an ISBN for you traditionalists: 978-1-304-35588-1. The book may be available via Amazon (and possibly elsewhere) at some point; I’d much prefer that you buy it directly from Lulu! (Even at the discounted price, I get considerably more revenue.) Here’s the cover:


  • The regular PDF ebook sells for $9.99. No DRM. Exactly the same interior content as the paperback (except that there’s no ISBN on the copyright page, and this version doesn’t have an ISBN)–and the line graphs (which are fully legible b&w in the paperback) are in color.
  • The site license edition PDF ebook sells for $39.99. It differs from the regular ebook in that it has a paragraph on the copyright page explicitly allowing any single-state organization to mount it on a server that allows simultaneous multiple downloads, including use by distance learners in any state. If you want to use the book for a library school course, for a single-state consortium, for a state library association, whatever–this is your ethical, legal course.

It may be a day or three before the Cites & Insights Books footer on this page is updated to include $4 to $1: Public Library Benefits and Budgets, but it’s available now. (To some extent, whether Volume 2, Libraries by State, is ever published will depend on sales of Volume 1.)

┬áBy the way…

If you actually buy the paperback version, you’ll see that the composite images on the top and bottom of the cover run all the way around the cover–and the remainder of the back cover is made up of another composite image. All elements in these composites are taken from public library websites and Facebook pages, from all 50 states. There’s actually an order to most (not quite all) of the images in the top & bottom strips…and the same order, but in reverse, to the remainder of the back cover.

The first person to tell me what that order is will receive a free ebook of my choosing as a PDF.


2 Responses to “$4 to $1: Public Library Benefits and Budgets–Now available”

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