The Big Deal and the Damage Done Campus License: Clarification

I should probably clarify my intentions with regard to The Big Deal and the Damage Done Campus License Edition ($32 through Friday, June 7, then back to $40).

My intention is that the single $40 (or $40 discounted by Lulu) price should enable a campus to make the book available to anybody considered part of the campus community (including remote students who have some form of campus authentication–even if it’s course-level). I’ve revised the description to try to clarify that.

In other words: It doesn’t need to be a campus or library ebook server. If it’s a server of any sort–reserve materials, course materials, most anything else–that can handle PDFs and does some nominal check to make sure the world doesn’t use the resources, that’s fine with me. Does that mean that students don’t ever need to “return” the PDF? I never assumed they would. It can be treated like any other PDF.

And since I hold the copyright (and there is not and never will be DRM on any Cites & Insights book), my intentions should be considered all the permission you need.

I should note once again Lulu’s guts and good practice in not even allowing DRM on ebooks created through Lulu. Previously, Lulu discouraged DRM and charged an extra quarter per copy–above the nominal $0.99 fee–if you wanted it. Now, they don’t allow it–retroactively, for that matter.

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