Archaic–but also convenient?

I find it amusing when Tech Gurus proclaim X is Dead, where X is typically a technology or medium that’s doing just fine but may have ended its growth phase.

Amusing as each instance is, there’s a broader issue for some (by no means all) of the technologies denounced as dead, which is another way of saying “Proper contemporary people shouldn’t use these things.”

To wit: sometimes obsolescent technologies are convenient.

Fax? Obsolete for quite some time now. And yet…sometimes it’s just plain convenient.

Magazines (by which I mean print magazines)? They’re really not either obsolescent or obsolete. But they sure are convenient in a number of settings.

I could go on. But this is just a silly little post, so I won’t.

No major point here…except to note that gurus seems to live in a different world, a world where cost and convenience are secondary to being Up To Date. (Proper gurus make so much money that cost really isn’t a factor, and they probably have People to take care of convenience issues.)

For the rest of us, it’s frequently a tradeoff. If the “old way” still works–well, why abandon it?

One Response to “Archaic–but also convenient?”

  1. Angel says:

    That is the one thing I always notice about a lot of those gurus: cost and convenience are clearly not issues (to them). In their world, the hyper fast internet always works and is connected no matter where they go. The newest gadgets are always available like tacos on Tuesday Taco night. And of course, the same applies to the rest of us who work for a living (or who retired deservedly after having worked for a living).

    Best, and keep on blogging.