A visual acuity test (or something like it)


How many colors are in that image?

“What image, and why does the text start so far down?”

That’s a reasonable reaction.

If you see anything above my question other than an undifferentiated field of white, I invite you to answer the question (the “How many” one) in comments.

If you don’t, that’s OK. (Do I? That would be telling…)


10 Responses to “A visual acuity test (or something like it)”

  1. Walt Crawford says:

    Stephen: To preclude a bunch of comments identical to yours, let me repeat: “If you see anything above my question other than an undifferentiated field of white…”

  2. Jenica says:

    I got nothin’, even with my new cyborg eyes.

  3. laura says:

    Three or four, depending on the light. I’m also trying to decide if there’s a fifth color or if my eyes are playing tricks on me. My guess is there are six total.

  4. Christina says:

    I only see white.

  5. Meg V. says:

    My guess is also 6 colors, but only because of the filename 🙁

  6. Walt Crawford says:

    Meg: you’re cheating, but…

    Laura appears to have a great monitor, exceptional color acuity, or both. Technically, the answer is seven–but the seventh is the pure-white background. There are six boxes, each a different very slightly off-white color, with relatively narrow vertical bands between them. Oh, wait: Now that I go back to the original image, I may have screwed up–there may only be four colors (plus the background). I’ll do another post…

  7. Mary Baum says:

    I saw four when I moved the browser window from my Dell display to the iMac screen. I guess when I buy a new external to go with my next machine – a laptop – it needs to be an Apple brand!

    (On the Dell, I saw nuthin.)

  8. Walt Crawford says:

    Or it may mean that the Dell display needs adjustment. On the second image (see other post), I find that my old, aging, ancient Sony display allows me to distinguish most or all of the colors in the second image if I’m in Movie mode, but few if any in PC mode (which is brighter).

  9. laura says:

    Apparently I have a great monitor in my office, because on a different monitor, I see nothing. Shucks.