Cites & Insights Books: Links should now be correct

I was informed this morning that a couple of the links to Cites & Insights Books on my home page didn’t work.

(Thanks, Will!)

I had tested all of those links when I last updated the footer–which is supposed to be identical on the home page, at the foot of Cites & Insights, and at the foot of this blog. I would swear they worked then. But I tried to use shorter URLs (basically, and product=xxxxx) rather than the much longer IDs that show up in Lulu searches.

I guess Lulu really doesn’t like that. Or maybe Lulu wants you to start at in all cases (which does have the advantage that sales–such as the POURING code to get 15% off through Friday, April 19, 2013–will show up.


I’ve now replaced all of the short links with the long, long URLs.

I’ve tested all of them.

As of right now (1:40 p.m. PDT, Thursday, April 18, 2013), they all work.

The footers are identical on the three pages.

I hope they continue to work, but when in doubt, go to (with or without the www) and search for Walt Crawford; you’ll get all my books, including the hardcover Librarian’s Guide to Micropublishing, and one other book for which I wrote a preface.

Sorry if dozens of you were inconvenienced, or if even one of you was.



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