Broadening my horizons: First report

A little over a month ago, I wrote “Broadening my library horizons: A blog-reading experiment.”

That post noted the experiment I began then (actually on February 2, 2013): To subscribe to all of the “Current blogs” from my most recent look at liblogs that still exist and have RSS/Atom feeds–which turned out to be roughly 900 of them–and to read them, or at least skim the titles, for at least a month.

Well, OK, for at least the rest of the month–February 2 through 28, 2013.

It wasn’t difficult. The biggest day had 35 bookblog posts and 169 other liblog posts.

The average was 21 bookblog posts (probably a little higher) and 106 other liblog posts–but that includes a couple dozen blogs that are newer than those in the list.

This suggests to me that library blogs devoted to book reviewing have declined, at least to some extent. So have others, at least most of them.

Backing off: The first cut

I’m reading some things that I wouldn’t have encountered before. That’s good.

But I did make some changes at the start of March:

  • I deleted the bookblogs as a group (although there are some other blogs that I didn’t recognize as bookblogs).
  • I deleted two very active law-related blogs, which between them probably make up more than 10% of the typical daily total.

Other than that, I’m sticking with it for at least another month…and maybe a lot longer. Well, if I conclude that certain blogs are nothing but lists of links, they may go away…

Sure, I’m seeing some stuff that seems wholly irrelevant. I’m also seeing some stuff that I find absurd. And that’s OK. I’m seeing a broader range of opinions.

I’m also adding new blogs more readily based on links. That’s good.

And that’s as analytical as I’m likely to get. There’s no broader import here; I’m not going to do any statistical studies, a fifth-anniversary or 10th-anniversary (depending how you look at it) Liblog Landscape, or any of that.


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