Nevada public libraries

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Nevada’s 22 libraries (none omitted) have a range of funding—indeed, nine of the ten brackets are occupied (no libraries spend less than $12 per capita), with the only real clusters being the four libraries spending $53 to $72.99 and the seven spending $26 to $30.99. With so few libraries and systems, other tables are predictably choppy—but it’s fair to say that circulation is on the low side (only 27% circulate at least eight items per capita, compared to 50% overall), as are visits (18% have at least six patron visits per capita, compared to 42% overall). In both cases, the single library in the highest bracket (it is the same library) is also exceptionally well-funded ($398.04 per capita).

Program attendance is low and odd: While 18% have at least 0.7 attendance per capita, that same percentage applies for 0.4 or more—leaving 82% with less than 0.4 (compared to 58% overall), and 64% in the lowest two brackets (compared to 31% overall). PC use is also on the low side.

Libraries by legal service area

LSA Count %
700-1,149 2 9.1%
1,150-1,649 2 9.1%
2,250-2,999 1 4.5%
4,000-5,299 3 13.6%
6,800-8,699 1 4.5%
8,700-11,099 1 4.5%
14,100-18,499 2 9.1%
25,000-34,499 1 4.5%
34,500-53,999 3 13.6%
54,000-104,999 2 9.1%
105,000-4.1 mill. 4 18.2%

Circulation per capita and spending per capita

Circulation per capita correlates almost perfectly (0.97) with spending per capita, but that may be an artifact of the peculiar distribution: One (small) Nevada library spends several times as much per capita as any other—and circulates several times as many items as any other.

Circulation per capita plotted against spending per capita

Circulation per capita (rounded) occurrence by spending category—an essentially meaningless chart in this case.

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