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One quick question for librarians

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Would you buy (or do you believe others would buy) The Mythical Average Library: Dealing with Numbers?

Quick description: Looking at problems with statistics, misleading graphs, and so on; exposing the real complexity of public and academic libraries and how it’s masked in aggregate reporting; making sense of library numbers–and presenting them fairly.

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If you want to add more than just “Yes” or “No”–e.g., “Not if it’s more than $15” or “Only if it’s an ebook”–please do.

[There are really three questions, if you want to get detailed:

1. Is this a book that one of the major library publishers would find worth publishing?

2. Is this a book that could be sold via self-publishing?

3. Am I an appropriate person to consider doing this, which may influence 1 & 2?]