Want HTML versions of Cites & Insights essays? It’s your click

The survey on Cites & Insights format preferences and section preferences is now closed.

Twelve people participated. Thanks!

Sorry the rest of you didn’t have the time.

Results of the survey will appear in Cites & Insights 13:1, probably out the first week of January 2013.

Based on responses to format questions, and my own experience trying the one-column “online format” on an 8.9″-screen tablet (see other post), I’m going to keep both PDF formats, at least for a while.

The HTML separates, on the other hand, I’m not so sure about. I’ve never been wholly satisfied with the way they look; they don’t work right if a post has graphs or other illustrations; they’re a mild pain to produce. And, it turns out, at least in Silk, they appear entirely in whatever dreary sans typeface the Kindle uses when it’s not showing what it recognizes as book-style text.

So: If you really want HTML versions of C&I essays, it’s up to you…to pay for them.

Total voluntary financial support for Cites & Insights in 2012 has not reached three digits, or even high two digits.

If you want HTML essays, contribute–the PayPal secure Donate button’s right there on the home page.

If I see at least $1,000 in donations between now and the time I’m ready to publish the February 2013 issue–which I’m guessing will be around January 20-22, 2013–then I’ll keep doing HTML separates at least through 2013.

If I don’t get even within shouting range of that total, I’ll probably drop them: The one-column 6×9 PDF format should meet the needs of most e-readers. And, y’know, considering the price…

Purchases of C&I annual volumes will count as contributions, at the full rate of $50 each, even though I don’t net nearly that much. And you get great travel photos on the covers, plus indexes that are not otherwise available. (The indexes alone are worth, well…more than nothing.)


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