The Last Day(s)

No, not that grotesque misreading of Mayan calendar systems, that insult to a great civilization and to thinking people everywhere.

But it is the last day to get Graphing Public Library Benefits for a ridiculously low $1.99 (PDF, no DRM, feel free to pass it along to others). (For some reason, the link at the bottom of the page–and in earlier posts–may not have worked right. It’s fixed now: I’ve tried it.)

It is also one of the last days to take part in a brief survey on format and content preferences for Cites & Insights (ending 12/24/12), to help me decide how (and whether) to continue C&I in 2013. [If you feel strongly about it, a donation from the C&I home page wouldn’t hurt: Reaching at least three digits for total support in 2012 would be nice.]

Oh, and for some of you, it’s very much the last days for holiday shopping. Good luck.

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