Georgia public libraries

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The sixty-one libraries in the tables (none omitted) have relatively low expenditures: none higher than $35.99 and nearly three-quarters in the bottom three brackets (compared to 28% overall). As with spending, so with use: No library has more than 9 circs per capita, and 89% have less than six (compared to 36% overall)—but only two libraries (3%) have less than two circ per capita. For what it’s worth, the correlation between spending and circulation is consistent. Patron visits per capita are also on the low side, with no library reaching 9 (20% do overall) and 87% below 4 (compared to 35% overall). Only 16% of the libraries have at least 0.3 program attendance per capita (compared to 54% overall) and none exceeds 0.69 (compared to 21% overall).

Libraries by legal service area

LSA Count %
14,100-18,499 3 4.92
18,500-24,999 3 4.9%
25,000-34,499 5 8.2%
34,500-53,999 8 13.1%
54,000-104,999 15 24.6%
105,000-4.1 mill. 27 44.3%

Circulation per capita and spending per capita

Unusually, for Georgia libraries circulation per capita only correlates moderately well (0.44) with spending per capita.

Circulation per capita plotted against spending per capita

Circulation per capita (rounded) occurrence by spending category

Note that, while I’ve used the standard template for the second chart, in fact the four highest spending categories ($36 and up) are meaningless for the chart, since no Georgia libraries spend that much.

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