Cites & Insights survey: One week left

If you read Cites & Insights, go take the survey. Now. It’ll only take a couple of minutes.

This is the final week in which you can take the survey. The results of the survey will–along with, hint hint, any contributions to Cites & Insights itself, maybe to bring the annual total up into the three-digit range–influence both the format options and the content for 2013.

So, while you’re thinking about it, go take the survey. If links give you trouble, here’s the URL:

Right now, C&I appears in three forms. If there are in fact only nine people who care enough about C&I to take the survey, then that’s at least one too many–and maybe three too many. The three, in case you’ve forgotten:

  • Two-column 8.5×11″ pages, PDF, optimized for printing, always an even number of pages: The “real” C&I.
  • Single-column 6×9″ pages, PDF, optimized for online viewing and intended for large-screen e-stuff (any of the 8.9″-10″ tablets and ebook readers, notebooks, desktops, and it shouldn’t be too bad on 7″ devices): The “eC&I.”
  • Individual articles (when the article isn’t heavy on stuff that doesn’t work well this way) in HTML form, single column, generated using Word “Save as Filtered HTML” from a template designed for web use.

The first has been around since December 2000, although there have been several changes in typography and layout over the years. It’s the only version that gets copyfitting: it is, essentially, the fully laid out version.

The second has been around since March 2012. It gets a modified Table of Contents to suit the vastly increased number of pages. It’s normally saved to PDF directly from Word, yielding a PDF with bookmarks for articles and sections.

The third has been around since January 2004, more consistently (except for one section) since Midwinter 2005, although certain single-topic issues have not appeared in HTML form.

Take the survey. I will pay attention to the results. I will read any comments you include.

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