New category for Give Us a Dollar commentary

I’ve added a new category, $4, for the ongoing series of posts providing commentary on public library funding and activity, as exposed in the tables in Give Us a Dollar and We’ll Give You Back Four.

I hope to add two or three commentary posts each week. We’ll see how that goes. I’d originally planned to post essentially identical brief comments here and on Google+ and Facebook. Turns out that most comments require at least two or three paragraphs to make sense (even without the footnote I should always provide, which is that these comments all relate to 94% of America’s public libraries, since I’ve left 6% of libraries–serving 2% of patrons with 0.5% of circulation–out for various reasons). So most comments will appear here (or in Cites & Insights), with briefer notes elsewhere pointing back here.

As I just posted to PUBLIB, I’m also looking for appropriate lists on which to announce–once–the availability of the book/tool, so I can reach a broader range of public librarians (especially in smaller and rural libraries) than are on PUBLIB itself. “Appropriate”: Lists where one post by an outsider, announcing a publication, wouldn’t be considered spam. If followers here know of such lists, please send me email ( or add a comment. Thanks!

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