Liblog list now available

As part of a blogging roundup that will appear in the September and October issues of Cites & Insights–but actually as a separate article in the October issue–I checked the status of all the liblogs in The Liblog Landscape 2007-2010, the final book in the Liblog Landscape series and the one with the most comprehensive list of English-language liblogs (more than 1,300 of them).

While the article won’t appear for a few weeks, one natural byproduct of the status-checking is a set of liblog names and URLs. It didn’t take much work to turn that list into a bunch of HTML (using Excel and Word editing tools), and it only took a couple of hours to turn that bunch of HTML into a Web page with letter headings and all.

That page is now available–and you’ll find it at “Liblogs” in the set of “Places” on the right sidebar. (It’s at

I actually did a little more than just prepare One Big List of Links. The page has two lists–one of blogs with at least one post in the past year (and with boldface for blogs with at least 84 months or seven years of posts), and another of blogs that have either explicitly ceased (marked in italics) or are moribund (have gone more than a year without a post.

What’s not there: the 104 (I think) blogs that have either disappeared or been reused for something entirely different.

I’m sure there are errors, but I don’t think there are many of them. Note that the page does not include liblogs that began after June 2010.


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