Cites & Insights August 2012 (12:7) available

Cites & Insights 12:7 (August 2012) is now available for downloading at

The 58-page issue is also available as a single-column 6×9 PDF designed for e-reading (at please don’t use that version for printing, as it’s 119 pages long.

The issue consists of one essay:

It Was Never a Universal Library:
Three Years of the Google Book Settlement  (pp. 1-58)

Recounting events in the 8-year-old Google Book lawsuits since March 2009, when most of us assumed that the proposed settlement would be approved, and we were primarily discussing whether it was on balance good or bad. It’s quite a story, and it’s not over yet…

Please don’t use the HTML version for printing either, as it’s likely to run at least 91 single-spaced pages.

Reminder: Still looking for feedback…

I’d still like to get feedback on Give Us a Dollar and We’ll Give You Back Four. See here.


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