Review Copies of “Give Us a Dollar”: Another Offer

If you read my three-part case study of how the preliminary edition of Give Us a Dollar and We’ll Give You Back Four might be directly useful for a public library (part one, part two, part three)–and, for that matter, today’s part four, offering a very different possibility for a future edition–and if you either work in or direct a public library, work with or for any group of public libraries, or for that matter have a strong interest in public libraries:

Review copies of the book (in PDF form) are available.

My previous offering stated some conditions–ones I thought and think are reasonable. Namely, if you’re asking for a review copy, it would be nice if you actually review the book (even if the review is one sentence long, maybe as a comment on this post).

But for now, let’s just say: If you’d like to review the book (in PDF form), send me an email request:

I’ll honor at least the first six requests and probably more.

And yes, if you request a review copy, you can (and probably should) request the data row for your library (or one library you want to use to see how this all works). That can be a separate email, but if you include the name (and city and state) of your library in a review-copy request, I’ll send the data line along with the review copy.


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