Release notes

Two items of possible interest related to the July 2012 Cites & Insights (12:6), released yesterday:

  1. This turns out to be issue #150. Unlike some previous milestone issues, I have no plans to do anything special–and especially not anything that involves reprinting old material–to celebrate issue #150.
  2. The PDFs (the print-oriented version and the single-column, 6×9″, ereader-oriented version) both came out larger than I expected when created directly within Word, using its Save/Send function (saving as PDF does exactly the same thing, as far as I can tell). When I was creating the PDF for the preliminary version of Give Us a Dollar and We’ll Give You Back Four, the PDF also seemed very large–so, since I have Acrobat (albeit not the most current version), I tried printing it to PDF rather than converting directly. The resulting PDFs were much smaller–e.g., for the print-oriented version, 320K as compared to 2MB. But–and it’s a big but–a little checking showed two things: First, the navigation panel no longer worked in Adobe Reader (that is, you could no longer navigate directly to a heading). Second, hyperlinks didn’t work: they looked like hyperlinks, but weren’t active. Neither of those mattered for the book; both did for C&I. So I restored the larger PDFs generated directly by Word.

If you encounter an earlier issue of C&I that appears to have hyperlinks but in which they don’t work, let me know: I’ll reconvert it. (That offer only stands for the recent issues that have hyperlinks.)

Oh, and I’ve received a donation from someone who found the two-part fair use essay worthwhile. Thanks!

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