Kickstarter: From trilemma to dilemma

If you were just about to write something in response to yesterday’s “Which one if either? A Kickstarter trilemma,” I think it’s now down to a dilemma (and have modified the post to say that).

Namely, given the digital publication of “Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study 2011-2012,” the American Libraries Summer 2012 Digital Supplement, I don’t believe Project One is plausible in terms of possible Kickstarter support.

I’m suspicious of some social networking numbers in the digital supplement (70% of American libraries being on social networks is an awfully big jump from the 54% or so of libraries in 38 states that I found last fall), but that’s neither here nor there. The added value I could provide almost certainly isn’t worth the time it would take, barring some other (miraculous) form of funding.

Still interested in responses to the dilemma–that is, whether there’s enough “there” there in Project Two to be worth pursuing. And as noted there, silence is a legitimate response: A negative one.

One Response to “Kickstarter: From trilemma to dilemma”

  1. waltcrawford says:

    For the record: I have now received one thoughtful response (via email). My thanks to the person who sent it; it is both thoughtful and thought-provoking.

    Other comments welcome (here or via email). I certainly take this one seriously.