Cites & Insights 12:6 (July 2012) available

The July 2012 issue of Cites & Insights (12:6) is now available at

The issue is 32 pages long. A single-column 6×9 version, designed for use on ereaders, is also available at The single-column version is 62 pages long and intended only for ereading, not for printing.

The issue includes:

Libraries: Give Us a Dollar: A Case Study  pp. 1-6

Would a refined version of Give Us a Dollar and We’ll Give You Back Four be directly useful to a few hundred (or a few thousand) public libraries? This two-part example shows how a mythical New York library (directly based on two real libraries) might use a heavily revised version–and how it might use the current version. I’m still looking for reviewers and feedback before deciding how to proceed; these case studies might help.

Policy: Copyright: Fair Use, Part 2   pp. 6-29

The second part of the fair use roundup that began in the May issue. This part includes cites & comments for eleven items relating to fair use and academic libraries (other than the GSU case), ten items on various aspects of fair use in the real world–and a “once over lightly” on GSU events since the judge issued her decision, noting 18 discussions on what’s happened since.

The Back    pp. 29-32

Ten brief essays on various possibly amusing topics.

The three essays are also available as HTML separates (the headings above are links if you’re reading this on a blog) at


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