Micropublishing Guide 40% off!

I believe The Librarian’s Guide to Micropublishing may be the most important book I’ve ever written–one that can serve every public library (no matter how small) and most academic libraries, making it possible to add a new patron/community service without new equipment or expertise.

And now, you can get the book at a substantial discount: 40% off (not including shipping & handling).

Just use the code LGMP1 (that’s LGMP followed by a one) when you order The Librarian’s Guide to Micropublishing (follow the link!).

The discount’s good through July 30, 2012.

Quick Background

The new service: supporting micropublishing–that is, using print on demand fulfillment services to publish books that may serve niches from one to 500 copies, by producing books individually as they are needed.

The book shows you how and provides a starting professional-quality book template for Word, the same template used for the book itself. (There’s also a slightly simplified template for LibreOffice.)

Every public library has community members who have family histories and other specialized books in them–probably more than you’d ever guess. With this book, your library can make those books feasible and attractive (it’s enormously more satisfying to publish a family history as a professional 6×9 book than as a stapled or Velobound set of 8.5×11 pages!).

For smaller academic libraries, this may be a service faculty and staff would find useful–there are a lot of people out there who have special-interest books in them. For many academic libraries, there may also be another service, if (or as) you start to publish new open access journals in cooperation with campus departments: Micropublishing offers a no-cost way to make print copies (say of the journal’s annual compilation) available for those who want them.

There’s more detail on the blog post announcing the book.

Remember: Code LGMP1 for 40% off The Librarian’s Guide to Micropublishing.

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