Here’s a real-world graph, representing honest information about a current situation.

And here’s the fun part:

  • What would you expect value #5 to be?
  • What about #6 or #7 or #8?
  • At what point will the value pass 100?

The real-world answers and probability in another week or two, I think.

4 Responses to “Trends”

  1. Michael Golrick says:

    With out the actual data points, here are my guesses:

    #5 = approximately 48
    #6 = approximately 52
    #7 = approximately 56
    #8 = approximately 60

    It may hit 100 by about 16 or so…..

    Hope you tell us more.

  2. waltcrawford says:

    Those are perfectly reasonable estimates…based on one key assumption. More later.

  3. waltcrawford says:

    I am telling you more…but not a lot more.At least not yet.

    Go to this post

  4. waltcrawford says:

    I never did provide the answer here, did I? In spite of the many guesses and speculations…

    Simple enough: It’s the number of pages in each 2012 issue of Cites & Insights.