The Greater Problem: A new focus for W.a.R. & C&I

I was wrong.

I’ve looked back at various responses to my foolish attempt to find out the truth about public library closings, those responses arguing that there is A Greater Problem, thus making the lesser issue irrelevant.

They’re right, of course.

Which means that I will now* focus all of Walt at Random, Cites & Insights and my other efforts on The Greater Problem–which is, of course, global climate change, the problem that overshadows all other problems.

After all, why waste time on anything smaller when there’s this greater problem to address?

I’m now working with corporate sponsors (who are not yet ready to be named) on a series of international conferences addressing The Greater Problem. Thousands of acknowledged experts, politicians and ordinary citizens will be flown (in 707s converted to fly 20 passengers each in first-class comfort) to a variety of significant destinations for each conference, with all expenses paid by the corporate sponsors. The actual conferences will be unconferences, of course. (Initial sites for conferences might include Kiribati, the Wake Islands, Miami Beach…)

*”Now” is defined as from the time this post appears until the end of the 91st day of 2012. After that, I’m back to those ignominious lesser problems and issues.

Second Footnote

Today marks the seventh anniversary of Walt at Random. The dashboard currently shows 1,522 posts and 3,920 approved comments; Spam Karma 2 has trapped 74,445 spams (it seems like a LOT more) and Bad Behavior has blocked 896 access attempts….in the past week.

In the past year, there have been 470,974 sessions and 2,146,946 pageviews–and I believe as many as 2% of those have been people rather than spambots.

The most-viewed actual post, with just under 11,000 views during that year, is “The Cover Story Part 1.” Sure it is. Apparently a wide variety of spambots access this blog, as I see 55,743 IP addresses in 113 “countries” over the past year. (I use scare quotes around “countries” since that’s really top-level domains; the most common country is .com, for example.)

2 Responses to “The Greater Problem: A new focus for W.a.R. & C&I”

  1. Blake says:

    Wait, I was right??

  2. waltcrawford says:

    Blake, let’s just assume that within the chronological constraints of this particular post (which run from just after 11:59 p.m. on March 31 until just before 12:01 a.m. on April 2), you were right about…whatever single thing you want to choose. As long as you don’t attempt to act on it.