Remaining uncertainties

Thanks to various state library folks and some others, I’m now down to this short list of “libraries that are either closed or operating entirely under the radar, but I’m not sure which”–with the note that Volon’s almost certainly in the “closed” category. (Note that “no longer a public library, but operating as a reading room or all-volunteer collection” is a different status. If you know that about any of these, let me know.)

Any further help? By Monday, 4/16, if at all possible?

Florida: Surf-Bal-Bay Public Library, Surfside

Kansas: Summerfield Public Library

Nebraska: Cook Public Library, Edgar Public Library, Royal Public Library  All closed: see first comment

New Jersey: Cedarville Publiic Library

Oklahoma: Nash Public Library

South Dakota: Volin Public Library

Vermont: Ryegate Corrner Public Library


2 Responses to “Remaining uncertainties”

  1. Beth Goble says:

    We checked our files on the three Nebraska libraries.

    Cook public library closed in June 1999. The building they occupied was cleared out for a new owner in early 2000.
    Edgar public library closed December 2002.
    Royal public library closed October 2009.

  2. waltcrawford says:

    Thanks! That’s three more down (and I’m assuming that “closed” for Edgar and Royal means actually closed, not remained open as volunteer efforts or reading rooms). While it’s always a shame to note closed libraries, others reading this might benefit from knowing the legal service area population for each library the last year it reported to IMLS: 333 for Cook, 539 for Edgar…and 75 for Royal. That’s in keeping with most actually-closed libraries nationally.