Is this library open, a reading room, or closed?

If you have personal awareness (or know someone who does) of the state of one or more of these libraries, could you send me email or comment below? (Email: waltcrawford at If it’s still operating but entirely as a volunteer operation or a reading room, I’d like to know that as well.

Arranged by state (alphabetic by postal code); unless there’s an “in X,” the city name is in the library name.

Update, 10:30 a.m., April 10, 2012: Given early responses (and Michael Golrick’s forwarding of the list to state library coordinators), I’ve resolved a number of these already. The resolved ones now appear as struck out, with the resolution (Closed or Open) at the right. [Responses being added as received.]


Mountain Village Public Library Closed
Old Harbor Library Closed
Pilot Station Public Library Closed
Nellie Weyiouanna Ilisaavik in Shishmaref Closed


Highland Home Public Library Closed


Surf-Bal-Bay Public Library in Surfside


Montour Public Library Closed
Soldier Public Library Closed


Summerfield Public Library


Cooper Free Public Library Closed
Sabattus-Town Square Library in Sabattus Closed
Somerville Town Library Closed


Newburg Public Library Open

North Dakota

West Dakota Library in Carson Closed
Drake Public Library Merged with nearby library


Cook Public Library
Edgar Public Library
Royal Public Library

New Jersey

Cedarville Public Library

New Mexico

Dexter Public Library Closed
Elida Public Library  Open (but no longer qualifies as PL)


Nash Public Library


Lake City Public Library  Closed; served by Rice Avenue Comm. Lib.

South Dakota

Volin Public Library


Turkey Public Library Open


Ryegate Corner in Ryegate


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