Cites & Insights 12:4 (May 2012) available

Cites & Insights 12:4 (May 2012) is now available for downloading at

The issue is 44 pages long. It is also available in a 6×9″ single-column version, optimized for viewing on edevices (and idevices bigger than phones) and available at That version (exactly the same text, but somewhat cruder appearance) is 82 pages long; if you plan to print, please download the regular version!

The issue includes the following (each essay also available as an HTML separate, noting that the single graph in the second section may not appear properly):

The FrontĀ  (pp. 1-2)

Breaking down The Middle: why there won’ be a long series of wholly miscellaneous sections with that heading. Also some notes on the reality since I took action based on reader polls (including the truth about people’s willingness, so far, to pay the lower suggested donations).

Libraries: Public Library Closures 2 (pp. 2-14)

Investigating 1998-2009. Another original research piece, this one involving a lot more research, reducing the number of apparently-closed (based on IMLS changes) public libraries over the last 12 years from 785 to…well, read the story. Includes a proud admission of error, a case where I’m delighted my original guess was way off base.

The Middle: Futurism (pp. 14-33)

A roundup of trends and other bits of futurism–but really the first half of a two-part roundup (the second half, Forecasts, probably in the next issue, deals with short-term assertions, the kind that can be checked readily).

Social Networks: The Social Network Scene, part 3 (pp. 33-44)

Completing the catch-up effort on social networking items that don’t fit into a subgroup. Some fun stuff.

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