Keeping on

Just a quick update, for anyone who might be interested:

  • I’ve now done the first two phases of a multiphase project to see how many of the public library systems that disappeared from the IMLS annual report from one year to the next are apparently actual closed libraries. (Phase one: Identify duplicates. Phase two: Check libraries against 2009 IMLS database.) That’s eliminated slightly less than half of the 775 original possibilities. I’ll probably start Phase three tomorrow.
  • That project is the second half of a surprise research project that grew out of questions asked here and elsewhere. The first half will be a major original essay in the April 2012 Cites & Insights. I have the draft essays for the issue in hand–but have to reread them in paper form (red pen in hand), then edit, copyfit, and prepare the issue. It will appear in very early April, I suspect–and conceivably extremely late March. (No link since the issue isn’t there yet.
  • Still very much open to sponsorship or affiliation possibilities so that I can keep my hand in the library field with enough compensation to make it worthwhile, doing research and writing (and speaking). See earlier posts…


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