Cites & Insights 12:2 (March 2012) Available

Cites & Insights 12:2 (March 2012) has just been published.

The 30-page two-column PDF (designed for printing) represents the new, refreshed Cites & Insights, following the two reader surveys. Contents, available as HTML separates using the links below, include:

The Front  (pp. 1-6)

The reinvention or refreshing of Cites & Insights, including results of the two polls, new section names, tweaks to layout and typography, and a discussion of the online PDF alternative, a single-column version (in this case 53 pages) designed for those who read C&I on various sorts of screens–iPads, netbooks, notebooks, Kindles, Nooks and others.

Social Networks (pp. 6-16)

The Social Network Scene, Part 1: Catching up with social network miscellany

The Middle (pp. 16-26)

A range of items that might formerly have appeared in Trends & Quick Takes: the non-death of desktop software; “smarter, dumber or both”; closing the digital frontier (or not); and lots more.

The Back (pp. 26-30)

 Notes from the 1%, stereo prices and other snark.

A note on versions

While the two-column print-oriented Cites & Insights is the version of record, with the most careful layout and typography, I’m adding a third option (in addition to the individual HTML essays): an “online PDF” version, single column, set on a 6″ x 9″ page (28 picas of text, compared to the 20 picas in each of the two standard columns), designed for those who want the PDF but are reading it online or on an e-device.

The online PDF version of Volume 12, Issue 2 is 53 pages. Please don’t download it to print out. It’s somewhat cruder typographically (there will be bad breaks, for example), but it should work very well on your e-device.

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  1. bibliotecaria says:

    I really like the online PDF version. It’s much more readable for my iPad. Thanks for taking the trouble.