Last two days of C&I survey

This will be the last post (and Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and FriendFeed annoyance) touting the brief survey related to Cites & Insights. I have 36 responses, and while I’d love to get more (40? 50?), maybe there are only 36 people who care enough to spend the two minutes. That’s OK.

The survey results will influence the future of Cites & Insights. That’s a given. otherwise, I wouldn’t bother with the reminders.

Survey closes (effectively, because that’s when I’ll start working on the results) at 8 a.m. PDT, Thursday, February 23, 2012.

Click here to take the survey.

2 Responses to “Last two days of C&I survey”

  1. I started to take the survey. But unfortunately, I had no clear picture in my mind based on the sections. As in, I of course knew what the sections were, and vaguely, their focus. But I would be completely unable to state much definitely about them, or map reactions to the specific sections. I could do it if I had gone back and re-read old issues and taken note of the sections. But not off the top of my head.

    I sometimes get phone surveys, and I try to answer them, since I know the people doing it get paid for responses. But I shudder to think about whoever is actually using that data (“Umm, never heard of them … argh, no idea … maybe, can’t say …).

  2. walt says:

    Seth: Thanks for the comment. If you don’t have clear ideas of sections you regularly love or hate, then you’d be at a disadvantage in responding to the survey–and that’s OK. It’s actually a useful comment.

    Looks like I’ll wind up with 39 responses, and that’s enough to be useful. (Not statistically meaningful, but I never anticipated statistical meaningfulness…)