Cites & Insights: Any more responses?

My quick survey of Cites & Insights readers seems to have stalled at 25 responses.

Maybe that’s the total of readers who have opinions. (Maybe it’s the total of readers, which is a truly depressing thought, but I won’t go there.)

I thought I’d give this one more try. Once the survey goes, say, three days with no responses, I’ll shut it down and assume that’s all the feedback I’m going to get.

As in the original post: The survey shouldn’t take more than two minutes or so.

There are no essay questions, it’s wholly anonymous (there’s no way to add identifying info even if you wanted to). If I was redoing this, now that I understand better how SurveyMonkey organizes things, I could have done it as three questions rather than the nine that are in the current survey. (Two questions would have had eight response bars each, rather than eight questions with two response bars each.) That might have made it appear shorter and easier…or not.

Anyway: If you have a spare couple of minutes, if you haven’t already responded, if you read Cites & Insights and want a say in its future: Go take the survey.


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