Cites & Insights 12:1 (January-February 2012) available

I won’t say Cites & Insights is really back from hiatus, but for now let’s say “irregularly published.”

Cites & Insights Volume 12, Issue 1 (January-February 2012) is now available for downloading at

The 20-page issue, PDF as usual, contains three sections, each separately available in HTML form (the subheadings are links):

Bibs & Blather    pp. 1-7

Announcing The Librarian’s Guide to Micropublishing and why (almost) every public library and (many) academic libraries need it–and some notes on the virtues of professional editing. Also announcing the availability of Cites & Insights 11 (2011) in book form and offering some numbers for Cites & Insights readership in 2011, some not-very-meaningful notes about most-read posts in Walt at Random (which increasingly seems to be “read” mostly by spiders and spammers), and repeating my Prospectus: An Ongoing Public Library Social Network Scan.

Making it Work: It’s Academic (or Not)    pp. 7-12

Why I don’t plan to write much about academic libraries in future Cites & Insights issues and some of my beliefs about academic libraries. Also some notes on “Academic Libraries in Facebook: An Analysis of Users’ Comments,” an article I had lots of trouble with, after finding that the only discussion of that article I could find was by a certain pseudonymous blogger (who increasingly appears to be named Spencer, unless that’s the snarky-comment-responder lackey).

Offtopic Perspective: 50 Movie Box Office Gold, Part 1   pp. 13-20

I did pay attention to the handful of people who expressed sadness about the hiatus and possible termination of this ejournal–and the parts they liked. So if you were hoping that Offtopic Perspectives and My Back Pages would go away, well, guess again. Not quite the first half of a 50-pack of all-color, mostly recent, movies, all with fairly big stars: A combination of TV movies, movies with no real US distribution, and other oddities. (Not quite the first half because it’s discs 1-6 of a 13-disc set.)



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