The Zeitgeist: 26 is Not the Issue

If that number—26—doesn’t speak to you, you haven’t been involved in a multipart conversation that began February 24, 2011, may have reached its peak in mid-March 2011, and is likely to go on for years to come.

The rest of you will think HarperCollins or maybe #hcod. You may think a lot of other things as well, informed partly by where you are in the library community. Even filtering more actively than usual, I started out with close to 100 source documents (blog posts and others), an astonishing number for what was largely a three-week wonder.


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Yes, I know: Based on the role this essay seems to have played in what is clearly an ongoing discussion, it might as well not have been written. But it’s still there, this time in somewhat cleaner HTML.

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