Books read, books written?

I was originally going to include this with the previous post, but forgot…

After seeing some of the year-end posts offering summaries or lists of the books people read during 2010, I thought I’d keep track this year, which I’ve never done in the past. So I started a spreadsheet, booksread.xlsx.

I didn’t (and don’t) have an actual goal, but given that I normally check out three books at a time from the library, and that Livermore has a 28-day loan period (for most books, at least), I figured “maybe 39” would be an informal target–that is, three books every four weeks.

In fact, so far, I’ve been reading considerably more (no, I don’t include reading my own stuff, I don’t include “book equivalent” magazines, etc.) than that target. As of yesterday, the spreadsheet shows 23 books read–really 22.2, as I abandoned one partway through. And, let’s see, we’re about 17 weeks into the year.

I suspect my reading rate will slow down somewhat now that I have book projects for the next 11 months. I could be wrong–fact is, nearly all my book reading is after dinner, anyway, and I don’t do serious work on the computer after dinner.

So: I’ll stick with 39 as an informal target. Might make it, might not. Incidentally, so far I’ve only rated three books “Meh,” one abandoned book “Fail,” and four books “So-so.” I’ve enjoyed 15 of the 23 books I’ve read so far. Not a bad track record–or maybe I’m an easy grader.


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