Hardback annual C&I: Any interest?

After seeing just how well my wife’s two family histories came out in Lulu’s casebound (hardback) version, and how well the incredibly limited-edition disContent: The Complete Collection came out, I got to wondering:

Are there libraries (presumably library school libraries, possibly others) or, for that matter, individuals who would find it worthwhile to own hardback annual volumes of Cites & Insights?

Paperback versions of Volumes 6 [2006], 7 [2007], 8 [2008], 9 [2009] and 10 [2010] have been available for some time–produced partly so I could have bound backsets that look better and hold up better than what I could do at Kinko’s.  Over the years, a handful of copies have sold to others–seven to date, I believe (that’s across all five volumes).

The paperbacks look great, but they’re certainly not ideal for library use.

If I believed that at least two copies of each volume would be likely to sell, I’d prepare hardback versions–and delete the paperback versions. This wouldn’t be a Big Moneymaking Scheme, since I’d keep the price at $50, which means my net receipts would be $10 less for each volume (hardback adds $10 to production costs).

Actually, it would probably be a money-loser, since I’d be inclined to replace my paperback volumes with casebound versions.

If I thought there was interest, I might even go back and do book versions of volumes 1-5.

Let me know if there is such interest. Otherwise, it’s really not worth the trouble…



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