Google Books Unsettled

For those of you who don’t already know (which, among my readership, may amount to almost nobody):

  • After a mere three years, Judge Chin reached a decision on the Google Books settlement. He rejected it.
  • Some commentaries are already appearing–here are three for starters. (There are lots more, but those three should all shed more light than heat.

As of now, I have 204 items flagged “gbs” in Diigo–going back two years or more.

And here’s my take on the matter:

If it took Chin three years to reach a decision, I can take three months or more to decide whether I have anything useful to say–whether a historical summary makes sense, whether I can synthesize usefully, or whether I should just delete those 204 items.

I am entirely confident that I have nothing useful to add at this point. Meanwhile, there will surely be steady streams of informed commentary and, well, other sorts of punditry from nearly all the usual suspects.

Gee, and here I was counting on the proceeds from the settlement (for the three or four books of mine that have been scanned) for our retirement. In much the same way I was counting on flying pigs to drop off bags of gold.

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